A Dog’s Life and Why I Want to be My Dog Today

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A Dog's Life Doggie

How cute do you have to be to enjoy a dog’s life?

How sweet to have a dog’s life. Maybe it’s just my dog, but I think he has it pretty good. Today, I’m tired. I’ve pretty much been tired all week. It could be that the allergies just won’t let up. It could be that it’s that time of year – the weather’s getting hot, there are parent-teacher conferences to sign up for, and plenty of end-of-year activities at school (this week, it was two music performances, one that was exclusively kids playing the pan flute. I kid you not. The pan flute.).


Not That I Don’t Have Lots to Appreciate

Don’t get me wrong. The music performances were good! And I am sincerely glad that my kids have a music program in their school. Even the pan flutes were {ahem} interesting, even musically enjoyable if a little unusual for a school music program. At least they were in tune and provided some educational information I honestly did not know about pan flutes.

I understand that there will be days and weeks that just seem more tiring and hectic than others, and I don’t really mind. But I noticed that, through all our comings and goings, my dog doesn’t have much to worry about except the occasional UPS delivery guy. It got me thinking how nice it would be to trade my life for a dog’s life, just for one day.


What A Dog’s Life Looks Like in My House

That day would find me sleeping all day, in any comfortable spot I could find around the house. I would have all my meals served to me, and a few snacks thrown in because my people like me. I could choose to lounge in the sun or on the couch, whichever suits my fancy. In fact, I could go in and out all day, changing my mind at a whim, and I’d never have to open my own door. I may worry a little if I’m left alone for too long, but ultimately, I know that my loneliness will only be temporary.

A dog's life, waiting for my people

When will they be home?

In the meantime, I have the run of the house and can sniff and lick whatever I want, sneak into rooms with doors left ajar, or just lay around as I please.

I’ve learned that it’s important to be comfortable, so my special spots on the couch must have pillows or otherwise be comfy enough for me to sprawl out with abandon.

Dog on pillows

Ahhhhh … comfy pillows!

Or maybe a soft blankie.

Or maybe a soft blankie.

Sleeping is the best part of a dog's life

Oh, yeah! That couch cushion makes the best pillow!

A dog's life upside down

I’m definitely a back-sleeper.

When my people come home, I can be unapologetic about asking for back rubs or belly rubs for as long as they’ll indulge me. Then we can snuggle or play, as my mood dictates, and I never have to put away any of my toys.


Love. It’s All About the Love.

At the end of my day living a dog’s life, these would be my reflections:

  • I can be as lazy or as active as I like and nobody will judge me.
  • I don’t have to worry about rushing out the door, and I don’t have to fight with anyone to get them to get dressed, eat breakfast and put their shoes on faster – as a dog, I have no worries!
  • No matter what I do or what mischief I get into, my people will still think I’m adorable and lovable.
  • As long as I don’t poop on the floor (or even if I do), I will always have the love and affection of my family.
  • Sleep is good. People underestimate the value and pleasure of sleep.
  • A dog’s life is awesome!

In conclusion, I propose that everyone have the opportunity to live a dog’s life for just one day. That’s it. We all get Mother’s Day, then at some other exhausted point in our lives, we get a dog day. Or two. Or twelve.

Today, I could have used a dog day. Instead I got pan flutes and uncooperative kids. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll stick my tongue out at the world and hang out with my dog.

Yes, this is where I want to be!

Yes, this is where I want to be!

Has anything ever made you want to take a dog day? Leave me a comment and tell me your story. (That way, I won’t feel like a crazy dog lady!)



  1. i normally say i want to be averi, but you make being a dog sound pretty good. will there be a bottle of olive oil to play with? 🙂

    • Can you believe we still love him so much after that fiasco! I tell ya, it’s a good life!

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