April Fools: A Fun Memory of a Prank Gone Well

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April Fools milk

An unexpected April Fools prop

Today is April Fools Day – a day to prank your hearts out without getting in (too much) trouble. Pranking my kids has gotten harder over the years because they’re just too darn crafty and, frankly, I’ve become a tired mama, with barely enough energy to make sure they’re wearing shoes to school.

But before the little one was born, when the two big ones were small, I had a little fun with them on April Fools Day. They still talk about it today as one of the best pranks ever.

Here’s what I did …

Every morning, we make it a priority to make sure the kids sit down to breakfast. It may be a simple meal, but it’s still a time to sit down at the table and get ready for the day. We still do this, but back then, it was a little easier to make sure the table was set and milk was poured before the kids came out to eat.

So, the night before, I took their milk cups (plastic, that you can’t see through), poured in some milk and stuck them in the freezer. Then in the morning, I took out the frozen cups and let them sit on the counter for a few minutes to get rid of that fresh-out-of-the-freezer look. Then I added just enough fresh milk to the top – just a sip or two – to make it look like a normal cup of milk and served it up.

The kids, in their normal sleepy, groggy morning state, grabbed their cups to take a big refreshing swig of milk, and they only got a little sip. Their perplexed looks were priceless, and when they figured it out, they admitted they’d been had by a joke well done.

Harmless Fun

It’s fun to joke around sometimes, especially when everyone can enjoy it. With just a little bit of set-up time, this prank made us all laugh. Also, nobody got their feelings hurt, nobody felt embarrassed or stupid, and no harm was done – either physically or emotionally. I’ll call that a win!

Would you try this prank? Do you have other April Fools stories to share? Leave me a comment – I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. What a cute and easy way to do a “nice” prank. Well done!

    • Thanks! We’re not huge on pranks, but this one was a gem.

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