Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on Its Way

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Easter bunnies

Easter bunnies to brighten up your Spring

Nothing says spring like a cute little bunny tucked into a child’s Easter basket. Since Easter is about 2 weeks away, I thought I would share this fabulous pattern for some sweet crochet bunnies.

These little guys will bring a smile to the face of any child thanks to this pattern by Stephanie at All About Ami – that’s “ami” as in amigurumi, the Japanese art of knit or crochet stuffed lovies. I didn’t include the carrot or the adorable flowers that are on Stephanie’s pattern because I was short on time. But these worked up really quickly, especially since I used some left over microfleece I had from another project and some simple matching ribbon. The beauty of the fleece is that it doesn’t unravel, so I didn’t have to worry about folding the edge before sewing on the ear and feet patches.

If you’ve never done amigurumi before, but you have some basic crochet skills, this pattern will be easy to follow. The instructions are super-detailed, and Stephanie provides wonderful pictures so you can follow along step-by-step.

Small Easter bunny

Closeup of the little bunny

I used the following materials:

  • 1 ball (5 oz.) Bernat Softee Baby in Antique White – it’s a lovely cream color and super soft
  • size E (3.5 mm) hook since I couldn’t find a smaller one.
  • Yarn needle for attaching the parts and hiding loose ends
  • Polyfill stuffing
  • Scrap microfleece – mine was actually patterned, but I cut out solid colored sections out of the pattern.  You really don’t need much, so if you have any scrap fabric, it will probably work just fine.
  • Needle & thread to sew on the fabric
  • 12 mm safety eyes – available at any craft store
  • Brown embroidery floss for the nose
  • Ribbon for the bow

Although I didn’t have the exact materials Stephanie used, these worked out great for me, and one ball of yarn was enough for two full bunnies with plenty left over for another one once I have the time. I made one a little smaller than the other since they were for kids of different ages.

My two bunnies went to a friend’s two little ones. They were visiting from out of town last year, and at ages 6 and 2, I wanted them to have a little something from us to take home. My friend was thrilled, and I hope these made their Easter extra special.

I hope you’ll try this adorable pattern. Or if you’re not a crocheter, pass it on to someone who is – maybe they’ll make you one to brighten your spring!



  1. Adorable! You taking orders?

    • Glad you like them! I could take orders, but can’t promise anything in time for Easter since we’ll be traveling!

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