Dinner Under 30: Roasted Shrimp and Broccoli

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Quick, Easy Dinner Recipe

Quick and easy meal – Roasted Shrimp & Broccoli

Delicious, quick and easy, this meal screams flavor and has become one of my favorites to make and eat. Just a few ingredients and 30 minutes in the kitchen and you can be eating a healthy dinner in a flash. I originally pinned this recipe from Adam Roberts at the Amateur Gourmet. When I went to make it the first time, I played around a bit with the ingredients because I wasn’t sure my kids would like the spice combination. Taking tips from his Best Broccoli of Your Life post for the broccoli, I decided to keep it simple and adjust the ingredient amounts to fit my family’s needs.

Broccoli - quick and easy

Beautiful Broccoli Ready for Roasting

Roasting the broccoli brings out an earthy, sweet flavor that you don’t get if you steam it or sautee it.  Personally, I like my roasted broccoli a little charred around the edges, but if you want all the flavor without it looking haggard, just leave it in until it’s golden brown. My kids even love the broccoli this way. Add a little grated parmesan over the top once it’s out of the oven, and you’ve got a whole new flavor profile.

The shrimp cooks up so fast and tastes so great that the kids put this recipe into the “make again” category right away. I like to remove the shells and tails because it makes it easier for my kids to eat without wrestling with the tail shell. But if you like to leave your tails on, go right ahead. The touch of lemon is fresh on your tongue and oh so satisfying when combined with the smoky flavor of the broccoli.

Cook up a big pot of rice, dish it up, and you’ve got yourself a complete meal on the table quick enough for even the busiest days.

Here’s how to make it …


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