I Went to the Gym Today … Yay Me!

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My workout paraphernalia

My workout paraphernalia

“Exercise is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle.” So says every expert and guru out there. And of course, we all know it’s true.

But as moms, we also know it can be incredibly hard to do. And being a stay-at-home mom hasn’t made it any easier. Just because I actually have time during the day, doesn’t mean I actually have time during the day. Because I’m running errands or doing laundry or doing my volunteer work. Or maybe I’m just tired or my kid is home sick or I’d just rather watch Scandal today instead of getting workout ugly* trying to balance on my elbows in yoga class.

But today I went to the gym. Admittedly, I haven’t been in a while, and I didn’t do the yoga class (I didn’t feel I could face the perky

teacher – I really love her too much to inflict myself on her class today). I managed a respectable 40 minute, 2+ mile jaunt on the elliptical. Enough to feel like I did something, but not enough to require serious rehabilitation time afterwards.

It felt good. It didn’t kill me, and I know I did something healthy for myself. I may even do it again tomorrow. Yay me!


My actual feet in my actual shoes after my actual workout!

Now to stay  motivated. How do you do it moms? Please share what works for you! I’d love to hear what strategies you use. Perhaps it will get me off my butt and into the gym a little more. And perhaps I’ll see you there.

*workout ugly (adj.): the red-faced, hair-falling-down, sweaty mess that is me during and after a workout. I do NOT “glow,” “shine,” or in any way look good when I work out. If you do, I’m not sure we can be friends. Or at least not workout buddies. Sorry.


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