Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding: Flexible & Fabulous

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Nursing cover - old style

Type of nursing cover I used. Not the most stylish, but it was all I had! (Photo credit: Kristen Valenti on Flickr)

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Breastfeeding Moms Need Better Covers


My breastfeeding days are over, but if I was still in that stage, I would love this fabulous nursing cover. I remember the awkward cover I had, the kind with a strap you put around your neck and slipped through a buckle ring. It kind of looked like a giant-sized bib or apron. Not the most stylish thing I’ve ever worn.

I always found myself struggling with it. Swinging it around to get it in the right position while juggling my squirming baby. Then it would slip or slide, get pushed aside by my kid (who did NOT like to be under anything), or otherwise fail to provide the right kind of discreet cover. It was hot, and it just never worked for me, so I ended up figuring out how to use my hoodie sweatshirt to serve as a makeshift nursing cover. Or, ~ gasp ~ I would simply go UNcovered because I just couldn’t bring myself to wrestle with the “slip ‘n slide,” and I was beyond caring.


A Nursing Cover You’ll Love


Enter the multi-use nursing cover! My niece’s friend introduced her to these fabulous and versatile beauties when she came to visit her with a new baby. She sent me the link, I looked and was immediately in envy. I wish I had one of these when I was breastfeeding. If I had, I would probably still be using it today, given its versatility as a nursing cover AND a stylish fashion accessory.

Versatile nursing cover

Fabulous Nursing Cover by Covered Goods (Photo credit: Covered Goods, used with permission)


I’m all for buying items that can be used in multiple ways. I mean, don’t we all love a good value? This baby is the Swiss Army Knife of nursing covers. Obviously, you can use it to cover up your little one while they happily latch on to eat. But you can also wear it as a scarf, use it as a car seat cover, line your shopping cart with it to protect your baby from germs and cold metal & plastic. I probably would have also used it as a light blanket for the baby in the car or stroller. Really, the possibilities are endless.

The light, stretchy material also allows you to peek if you need to check on things while breastfeeding. Or, if your baby is a squirmer like mine was, for the baby to peek and check on mom! But with all the peeking, you won’t find yourself giving anyone a peep show since this cover goes all the way around. No flashing your neighbor the next time you’re nursing!

I really think this is one of the coolest nursing covers I’ve ever seen, and one that is truly functional, attractive and useful. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, I highly recommend that you check these out. You can find them online at Covered Goods. If you’re not a breastfeeding mom, but you have friends or family members who are or might be, these would make fantastic, affordable gifts! Show up to your next baby shower with one of these, and you’re guaranteed to be the hit of the party. Based on everything I’ve seen, these nursing covers are definitely going on my list of “must haves” for all the breastfeeding moms I know.

What do you think of these?  Were you (or are you) a breastfeeding mom? If so, how did you stay discreet?




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